So you want to learn about… ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE

Looking to appreciate the wonder of nature at #ATLSciFest 2018? Experience an eco-expedition, a roadside geology walk, a wildflower tour, & more! Read our recent blog to learn about all the great environmental science featured at this year’s Festival.

Eco Expedition, Presented by Georgia State University

Join in on the hunt to find and identify bugs, birds, plants, and more around Stone Mountain on March 10! Experts from Georgia State University, local organizations, and National Geographic’s Georgia Geographic Alliance will help YOU explore the different species in your own backyard. We’ll use the iNaturalist app to record observations and contribute to a worldwide map of biodiversity. Meet us at the visitor center for K-12 activities related to this mini “BioBlitz” and join in on our quest! Don’t forget to explore our collection of fossils when you stop by to better understand previous extinctions in the history of life! Hiking groups will depart frequently. Learn more about this event here.

Roadside Geology Walk, Presented by Georgia Mineral Society and Atlanta Geological Society

Tag along with two geologist-educators to see the beautiful building stones and folded natural rock layers of Midtown Atlanta, on a tour from Symphony Hall to Rhodes Hall. Dr. Bill Witherspoon, co-author of Roadside Geology of Georgia, teams up with highly sought guest speaker from Georgia Mineral Society and Atlanta Geological Society, Bill Waggener, to interpret the stories that rocks tell. You’ll even get to take home your own Georgia Mineral Society mineral grab bag. Note that the March 18 session has sold out, but tickets are still available for the March 22 session. Learn more about this event here.

Zoo ATL – Nature Play, Presented by Zoo Atlanta

Join us as we explore the great outdoors during Zoo Atlanta’s Nature Play! During this family-friendly program, you’ll exercise your imaginations and learn about nature by exploring, all within the heart of Atlanta! You’ll meet the instructor at Zoo Atlanta and walk to Grant Park to discover the natural world that surrounds us in an urban environment. Purchase your tickets here.

Rock ‘n’ Walk, Presented by Georgia State University

Millions of years ago, a massive magma chamber cooled below ground near Atlanta never erupting through to the surface. Now, we call it Stone Mountain. Join GSU Geosciences on a hike to explore this unique granite dome. You can start the hikes or swing by for a hands-on learning session at the visitor center where the geologists will explore the history of this notable natural landmark. You’ll also be able to ‘walk’ a Giant Traveling Map of Georgia, engage in activities with rock and mineral specimens, and explore other natural landscapes using Google Cardboard VR. Groups will depart frequently for the guided hike. Learn more about this event here.

Fernbank Museum BioBlitz, Presented by Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Calling all nature lovers! Explore the outdoors with Fernbank Museum — join expert guides to find and identify organisms in WildWoods and Fernbank Forest. Guests will use their smart devices to upload photos of the organisms they discover with the help of the iNaturalist app. Explore the outdoors, learn about local biodiversity, and contribute scientific data while having fun in the forest. Learn more about this event here.

Mock Climate Change Negotiation, Presented by Emory University and The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resilience

It can’t be just about science. There’s economics, politics, and history that all come into play when the United Nations negotiate global climate agreements. Come have a seat at our mock negotiating table and become an international policymaker for a day. We’ll prep you in advance with your role and the background you’ll need to be a successful negotiator. Join us to learn about climate, politics and science in this role-playing exercise exploring the inner workings of UN climate talks. Come make your mark on the planet’s future! Dinner is included in this event. Learn more here.  

What the Trash?, Presented by Georgia Aquarium

In Atlanta, we are miles from the sea. Yet every day our actions have an impact on our ocean. In a recent study, it was discovered that just ten rivers in the world are responsible for 88-95% of the total worldwide load of plastics that reach the ocean. Join Georgia Aquarium’s biologists, researchers, and educators as we break down the facts that surround marine debris and what we can do for a brighter future. Learn more about this event here.

Fernbank Forest Wildflower Tour, Presented by Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Join a Fernbank scientist to explore Fernbank Forest, a 65-acre mature mixed-hardwood forest located in the heart of metro Atlanta. Participants will explore the diversity of native wildflowers and learn to identify them by their leaves and flowers. Learn more about this event here.

Bio-Bus: Elementary Weather, Presented by GSU Bio-Bus

Sunny with a chance of rain! Join the Georgia State University Bio-Bus and become a junior meteorologist as you learn about how clouds form, and what forces of nature produce weather. You’ll also get to make your own tornado in a bottle – so don’t forget to bring your own empty plastic water bottle. This event is best suited for children 5-10 years old and their families. Learn more about this event here.

Atlanta Science Festival launches with explosive programming

Two-week science celebration promises more than 100 events March 9-24

Cue the rocket boosters. In less than a month, the fifth annual Atlanta Science Festival (ASF) launches with more than 100 events spread across Metro Atlanta March 9-24. Delta Air Lines serves as the Festival’s presenting sponsor.

The action begins March 9 with the Atlanta Science Festival’s signature launch event. This time humans should prepare to bow down to the ‘bots. “Rise Up, Robots!” puts the spotlight on a droid comedian, a robot musician, a bionic arm, and more. Guests can arrive at 6 p.m. to experience an interactive Robot Petting Zoo. (7 p.m. March 9. $15. Ferst Center for the Arts, Georgia Institute of Technology, 349 Ferst Drive, Atlanta.)

Proud to be hosting the launch event at Georgia Tech, Paul Goldbart, honorary Festival chair said, “As Dean of the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech, I lovingly champion the Atlanta Science Festival and all it has to offer.”

The offerings continue for two weeks as guests of all ages explore science and technology with more than 100 engaging events, ranging in cost from free to a nominal fee. These include hands-on activities, facility tours, presentations, and performances at a variety of locations. Expect drones and robots, comics and comedy, farms and orchards, nature walks, ice cream tastings, art, trivia, curling, superheroes, beavers, newts, and bees. And that’s just the tip of the telescope. The full schedule of events can be found here:

The Atlanta Science Festival culminates in the Exploration Expo, Atlanta’s biggest family science event. Thousands of curious kids and adults descend upon Piedmont Park to witness the wonder of science with 100 hands-on interactive science booths, live science demos, and shows from local organizations, universities, and companies. Attendees can experience everything from touching a human brain to driving an undersea robot. (11 a.m.-4 p.m. March 24. Free. Piedmont Park, 1071 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta. This is a rain or shine event.)

“In the language of physics, I’m excited to observe the acceleration of the Atlanta Science Festival and the momentum of the enthusiasm found in participants and organizers alike,” Goldbart added.

So you want to learn about… SCIENCE IN THE MOVIES

Have you ever watched science on the big screen and wondered how it was filmed? #ATLSciFest has many events in 2018’s line-up that journey deep into science displayed on-screen.

Bride of Frankenstein, Presented by Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Emory University Center for Ethics

In honor of the 200th Anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, we present a film screening of James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein on March 18 at Fernbank Museum of Natural History from 4-6 pm. A rare sequel considered to be greater than the original, it poses questions about the limits of science, the manipulation of life, and the ethical responsibility of the scientist. Join Fernbank Museum of Natural History; Emory bioethicist and Director of the Center for Ethics, Paul Root Wolpe; and author, filmmaker and media historian, Eddy Von Mueller, for a screening and lively discussion of science and ethics related to the film. Purchase your tickets to the Bride of Frankenstein here.

CDC In The Scene, Presented by David J. Sencer CDC Museum

Was The Walking Dead filmed at CDC? Could the monkey in the movie Outbreak actually spread a disease? Hear answers direct from the source on March 19 as CDC experts share info in this fact or fiction interactive session! This session is not appropriate for small children. Register for free in advance here.

Chasing Coral, Presented by Oxford College

The magnificent underwater landscapes of coral reefs are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. In a screening of the documentary film Chasing Coral on March 21, we’ll tag along with divers, photographers and scientists on an ocean adventure to learn about the mystery of their disappearance. Hang around afterward to learn more about how Oxford is incorporating sustainability initiatives citywide. Register for free in advance here.

Astronomy of Star Wars, Presented by GSU Perimeter College – Dunwoody Campus

One with the Force are you? Join us on March 19 for this all-ages dress up sci-fi adventure where Professor Jay Dunn leads a discussion on the worlds and aliens of the Star Wars films and compares them with the planets and life in our solar system as well as extrasolar planets. Along the way, we’ll enjoy video clips inspired by Star Wars and other sci-fi favorites. Young Jedi and Padawan alike are encouraged to attend in their favorite sci-fi attire. Learn more about The Astronomy of Star Wars here.

Autism In The Media: How Real Is It?, Presented by Marcus Autism Center

Shows like Parenthood, books like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and movies like Forrest Gump all portray characters with autism. With 1 in 68 people being affected by autism spectrum disorder, it’s no wonder we are seeing the disorder more in the popular media. To get it right, producers frequently consult experts to ensure that a character is being depicted authentically, and now we’re bringing those experts to you on March 14 at Marcus Autism Center from 5:30-6:30 pm! Our panel of clinicians and science communicators will share their personal experiences in consulting on popular movie sets and shows that are currently starring an individual with autism. Learn more about this event here.

Bio-Bus: Star Wars Geoscience, Presented by GSU Bio-Bus

Are the fantastic geological formations of the Star Wars universe in a galaxy far, far away, or are they right here on Earth, or at least in or solar system? Hoth, Naboo, Dagobath and more may have been modeled off formations that are much closer to home. Join the Georgia State University Bio-Bus on March 14 for hands-on activities that explore how George Lucas’ film relates to our own planet and our solar system. This event is best suited for children 11-14 years old and their families. Learn more about this event here.

So you want to learn about… TECHNOLOGY

Tech out at #ATLSciFest 2018! Join us and experience the robotic revolution, explore the depth of the world wide web, watch a drone competition unfold, and much more. Plan your festival experience today by reading our recent blog that lists all of our events covering technology.

Rise Up, Robots!, Presented by Lockheed Martin

The robot uprising is coming on March 9 at The Ferst Center for Performing Arts. Grab your survival gear and provisions. The Atlanta Science Festival Launch Event will provide an evening with a droid comedian, a robotic musician, a bionic arm and more! Safe for sentient beings of all kinds (humans preferred). Be sure to join us before the show for an interactive Robot Petting Zoo starting at 6 pm. Purchase your tickets here.

The Power of Connected, Presented by Honeywell Connected Enterprise

On March 13 at Honeywell Atlanta Software Center, we will hear from experts across the Atlanta tech community who will dive into what drives our local technology industry and how we can better prepare ourselves for this critically connected future. After the panel, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and chat directly with our experts. As a special bonus, we’ll be hosting tours of the brand new Honeywell facility where you’ll get to see and touch the solutions that Honeywell has created for a critically connected world. Register for free in advance here.

TECHNOSELF With Deantoni Parks, Presented by AIR Serenbe

Critically acclaimed drummer Deantoni Parks will present a special performance and conversation that explores the balancing of technology and self at Red Light Cafe on March 16! Parks will explore how musicians augment their natural talents with technology, harnessing its powers to fuel their own vision. Purchase your tickets here.

Unveiling The Internet, Presented by Emory University

This interactive event on March 21 will take us to the heart of how the internet works. How exactly does YouTube show you videos so quickly? What are BitCoins and how do you get one? How does information move from one computer to another? We will answer these questions and more as we tinker with code, rotating through different stations doing everything from seeing how your Snapchat snaps move through space to learning how to hack a bank [simulated, naturally]. Register for free in advance here.

Drones For Good, Presented by Grady High School and G3 Robotics

Drones are everywhere these days, but how much do you know about how they work, how to fly them, and what they can do? Pop in to catch a glimpse of this exciting program for middle school students where you can watch the competition unfold. Learn more about this event here.

Project Zero: Presented by HuffPos, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum, and The Carter Center

Experience two new, 360° virtual-reality videos from HuffPost’s “Project Zero,” which documents neglected tropical diseases, including the Carter Center’s work on river blindness and lymphatic filariasis in Nigeria. Creating stories with this cutting-edge technology helps people understand the challenges of eliminating the diseases worldwide. In addition, this experience at the Carter Presidential Library brings perspective to how Presidents are advised about the impact of science and technology on domestic and international affairs. Learn more about this event on March 15 at the Carter Presidential Library & Museum here.

G4C Game Jam: Presented by Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Tech CEISMC, Games 4 Change, National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)

The Games for Change (G4C) Student Challenge is a national game design program that invites you to create digital games about issues impacting your community. You will get to work with educators and experts to create games around the theme of ‘Connected Cities.’ Through the Game Jam, you will learn how Atlanta is being transformed through design, innovation and technology. Then, you will get to apply your new knowledge to game design through a series of game making stations/activities. Register for free in advance here.

The Sound of Light, Presented by GSU Perimeter College – Decatur Campus

Theremins are musical instruments you play without touching them. They make strange, otherworldly sounds, and show up in old sci-fi movies, The Big Bang Theory, and now on your own desk! Join us to learn how they work and then make one to take home (available to the first 75 people). As a special treat, we’ll be featuring Scott Burland of the Atlanta-based Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel. Playing the theremin since 2004, Burland uses computer-based effects, widening the sonic palette of the instrument. Learn more and RSVP here.

CCPLS Family Tech Time, Presented by Cobb County Public Library System

Junior techies, join in on March 10 at Mountain View Regional Library! Float from table to table sampling tech gadgets and get hands-on with makerspace activities in this family-friendly afternoon of fun. Call (770) 509-2725 with any questions. Learn more here.

So you want to learn about… ART IN SCIENCE & SCIENCE IN ART

Do you want to learn how science influences art? Start planning your #ATLSciFest 2018 experience and explore our #STEAM events March 9-24! Explore the Voyager’s Golden Record through modern dance, witness acclaimed drummer Deantoni Parks, meet Beatrice the Biologist, hear scientists tell their stories of success and failure at The Story Collider, and much more!

The Golden Record, Presented by The Hereafter Artist Collective, Flight of Swallows, and Georgia Institute of Technology

The Hereafter Artist Collective, Flight of Swallows, and Georgia Tech faculty are collaborating to bring performance art to the Atlanta Science Festival on March 11. Forty years ago, Carl Sagan arranged to send The Golden Record into space as a part of the Voyager Mission. The Golden Record, two phonograph records full of sounds and images, serves as a time capsule for future life forms to one day look back upon our existence. Under the direction of the Hereafter Artist Collective, this performance piece incorporates aerial arts, modern dance, and live music to explore the themes of this “time capsule” and how humanity may appear to those lifeforms. Will humanity be but a fairytale and The Golden Record just a beautiful moment when we reached to the stars looking to “join a community of galactic civilizations”? Purchase your tickets to The Golden Record here.

Technoself With Deantoni Parks, Presented by AIR Serenbe and ArtsATL

Critically acclaimed drummer Deantoni Parks will present a special performance and conversation that explores the balancing of technology and self on March 16 from 8-10 pm at Red Life Cafe. Parks will explore how musicians augment their natural talents with technology, harnessing its powers to fuel their own vision. Purchase your tickets to Technoself here.

Beatrice The Biologist: Comic Strip Science, Presented by Emory University and Women in Bio

Meet and greet Beatrice the Biologist on March 13 from 7:30-8:30 pm at Manuel’s Tavern. You might have seen her science comics on the internet, but now’s your chance to see the scientist behind it all. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to draw your own science cartoons featuring amoeba hugs, dinosaur farts, and much, much more. Come to Manuel’s at 7:30 to grab dinner and drinks with comics for dessert! PS: No art skills required! Purchase your tickets to Beatrice The Biologist here.

Mathematics In Motion, Presented by Little Minute and Drew Charter School

Join us as we explore the beauty of math through dance on March 11. Using mathematical concepts to inspire improvisations and choreographed movement, dancers and mathematicians will explore the intricacy and interconnectedness of their crafts through movement, live music, and visual art. This event will take place in the theater of the Senior Academy. Purchase your tickets to Mathematics in Motion here.

Science.Art.Wonder, Presented by Emory University

For over a year, the Science.Art.Wonder program has been pairing artists and scientists together to explore the scientific world through visual arts. Join us on March 23 from 3:30-7 pm at Emory University Quadrangle for a walking tour exhibit. You will see the resulting artworks and meet some of the amazing artists and scientists involved in the project. There will also be hands-on art and science activities. Learn more about Science.Art.Wonder here.

Full STEAM Ahead Family Day, Presented by High Museum of Art

What do science, technology, engineering, and math have to do with making art? Come to the High Museum of Art with your family where you will discover how art connects with these subjects and creativity on March 11 from 1-4 pm! View the exhibition Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age, to see work by the innovative Dutch designer, whose approach to design is marked by combining science, technology, restless curiosity, and creativity and then participate in art-making activities! Learn more about Full STEAM Ahead Family Day here.

Evolution Animated, Presented by NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution and Stated Clearly

Sometimes science is too complicated. Why can’t they just state it clearly, and over drinks? Sometimes they can! Jon Perry, the creator of the hugely popular Stated Clearly animations, will present three of his animations, and explain the process of making them on March 21 from 7-10 pm at Monday Night Garage. After each animation, hear from scientists doing the research they convey. Join us at Monday Night’s new garage located on the West Side Beltline; enjoy some drinks and learn some science! Learn more about Evolution Animated here.

The Story Collider, Presented by The Story Collider and NSF Center for Selective C-H Functionalization

The Story Collider brings true, personal stories about science to life. At this live show on March 12 at Highland Inn Ballroom, you’ll hear scientists tell heartwarming (and heartbreaking) stories about their failures, successes, and everything in between, and you’ll also hear from people who haven’t had a formal connection to science in years. Science is a part of all of our lives and The Story Collider brings chemists, comedians, actors, neuroscientists, writers, and physicists alike onto the stage to tell their (true) stories. Purchase your tickets to The Story Collider here.

Puppets + STEM = Science In Motion, Presented by Center for Puppetry Arts

Join us at the Center for Puppetry Arts on March 12 from 9 am to 1 pm as we celebrate the science of puppets! We invite you to take part in a super fun, hands-on exploration of the magical place where puppetry and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) collide. You’ll see how the scientific method has inspired some of the coolest puppetry projects EVER, how technology is used to create our incredible Center for Puppetry Arts puppet shows, how engineering is harnessed to design and build puppets all over the world, and how math skills are applied in our Create-A-Puppet Workshops. You’ll tour the Museum, build a puppet, and enjoy interactive STEM stations and live puppetry demonstrations. A fun-filled day — guaranteed to educate, entertain, and inspire — awaits! Purchase your tickets here.

Frankenstein Goes Back To The Lab, Presented by Emory University

Three Atlanta playwrights take a new look at Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in the context of modern scientific research being conducted at Emory. Taking place in the stunning Science Commons on March 22, come witness artistic creations animated in the midst of the scientific ideas that inspired them. Join ethicists, scientists and artists to discuss the work over food and refreshments. Featured Playwrights are Edith Freni, Neeley Gossett, and Addae Moon.

Audiences are invited to attend either Act I, Act II or the full evening. Each Act consists of one or two short plays. Doors open at 5:30 for Act I, 6:00 pm for curtain. Doors open at 7 pm for Act II, 7:30 pm for curtain. Register in advance here.

Discovery Day: Fusion Gallery, Presented by Georgia State University

Art and science collide in the Fusion Gallery at Georgia State University on March 17 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Nature inspires scientists to ask questions, but the mystery of the universe can also be expressed in other ways. GSU chemistry students and drawing/painting/printmaking students were paired and challenged to create original works of art inspired by the word “reaction.” Student artists & scientists will be on-hand to explore the artistic process and the science behind each work. Come view their work in Fusion Gallery: Reaction. Learn more about Discovery Day: Fusion Gallery here.

Georgia Tech’s Dr. Paul Goldbart Declared ASF 2018 Honorary Chairperson

dean goldbart

We are pleased to introduce the 2018 Atlanta Science Festival Honorary Chairperson, Dr. Paul Goldbart of Georgia Tech. Goldbart is Dean of College of Sciences and Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair at Georgia Institute of Technology. A leader on campus and in the community, Dr. Goldbart exemplifies the spirit of curiosity which we hope to kindle in all Festival-goers. Goldbart has been a Festival champion since its inception in 2014, leading Georgia Tech students and faculty to host Festival events and Expo exhibits. He is a strong advocate for science education and for both public engagements in science and scientists’ engagement with the public.

“As both a lifelong student of science and currently a science educator, I can’t help but have giddy enthusiasm for the Atlanta Science Festival,” says Goldbart. “Not only is Atlanta Science Festival something near, dear, and essential to the Georgia Tech scientific community, but it’s an incredible interactive launching pad for the budding, pint-size scientists of tomorrow.”

As Honorary Chair, Goldbart will welcome visitors at the Festival’s droid-tastic launch event, Rise Up, Robots! on March 9 at Georgia Tech, and at the Exploration Expo on March 24 at Piedmont Park.

A native of Hertfordshire, England, Goldbart received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge in 1981. He holds a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of California-Los Angeles, and a doctorate in Physics from the Imperial College in London. Prior to his leadership roles in the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech, Goldbart served as Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Goldbart’s research interests include vulcanized macromolecular networks (e.g. rubber and gels), superconducting nanostructures and nanodevices, superfluidity, and measures of quantum entanglement. Find him at the next Atlanta Science Festival event, and ask him to tell you more!

So you want to learn about… ANIMAL SCIENCE

Do you want to learn more about the natural world? Start planning your #ATLSciFest 2018 experience and explore our animal science events. Learn about wetland beavers in Buckhead, trek Zoo Atlanta, get a behind the scenes look at The Amphibian Foundation, board the Bio-Bus at Georgia State University, and much more! Find full details about all the awesome animal science programming at this year’s festival below.

Wetland Beavers In The Big City, Presented by Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Join the naturalists at Blue Heron Nature Preserve on March 10  at Blue Heron Nature Preserve for a look into the natural and unnatural history of the Emma Wetlands property. On our guided hike through this 30-acre public park in Buckhead, we’ll look for signs of beavers, see beaver dams up close and personal, all the while learning how beavers are shaping the land for the benefit of all. Learn more about Wetland Beavers In The Big City here.

Twilight Trek With Zoo Atlanta, Presented by Zoo Atlanta

Come join us after hours at Zoo Atlanta on March 17, where you and your family will learn about the Zoo’s conservation initiatives and explore the technology used by wildlife biologists to track and research wildlife. Explorations include seeing the Zoo’s resident animals through night vision goggles and a simulated tracking of wildlife through Zoo grounds. In addition, you’ll meet some of our program animal ambassadors up close. Learn more about Twilight Trek With Zoo Atlanta here.

Critters & Cabernet, Presented by The Amphibian Foundation

Reptiles and Wine?! What could go wrong? After 3 amazing summers of Critter Camp — teaching kids about the biology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles — The Amphibian Foundation is launching an adult spinoff – Critters and Cabernet on March 10 at Savi Provisions from 7- 9 PM! Join us for our extremely hands-on approach to learning about this fascinating group of animals: Frogs, Salamanders, Turtles, Lizards and Snakes will be present to explore. Please check back for updated venue information. Learn more about Critters & Cabernet here.

Fernbank Forest Bird Walk, Presented by Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Join an Atlanta Audubon Society volunteer and discover more about the feathered inhabitants of Fernbank Forest on March 17. This program is excellent for beginning birders and those desiring gentle terrain. All ages are welcome. This program will be held rain or shine, but may be canceled in case of severe weather. We recommend participants bring binoculars, field guides, and water with them. Once the walk begins, participants must remain with the group for the duration of the program. Learn more about Fernbank Forest Bird Walk here.

Sssssssuper Snake Day, Presented by Fernbank Science Center and Georgia Reptile Society

SSSSSSlither on over to Fernbank Science Center on March 17 and make some new sssssscaly friends! Our live snake display is home for a variety of different snakes and other reptiles. You might spend a little time with a kingsnake and later visit with a rat snake. We’ll have reptile related arts and crafts, special snake story times, and even a dinosaur egg hunt. Drop in anytime to find out all the answers to your questions about snakes! Learn more about Sssssssuper Snake Day here.

Atlanta’s Most Despised Vertebrate

Join us for a discussion (and completely safe!) live exhibit exploring the biology, myths and legends of our most notorious native viper — The Copperhead. See them up close and personal on March 18 while learning about their ecology and the role they play in our urban ecosystem. Learn about The Amphibian Foundation’s Copperhead Rescue Program which benefits our community as well as the snakes in our neighborhoods. Learn more about Atlanta’s Most Despised Vertebrate here.

Not Just Newts: Behind The Scenes With The Amphibian Foundation, Presented by The Amphibian Foundation

Atlanta is home to a unique nonprofit dedicated to the conservation and research of amphibians amidst a global population decline. In 2016, The Amphibian Foundation formed to focus on conserving two of Georgia’s most imperiled species (Gopher Frog and Flatwoods Salamander). Since then has begun working on other native and globally endangered amphibians. Closed to the public, this is a chance to see the conservation collections and meet Foundation staff working to save these vital and sensitive animals from extinction on March 11. Learn about Not Just Newts here.

Beehives And Bug Collections From UGA Extension, Presented by UGA Extension

Are you or your child fascinated by bugs? Maybe have an ant farm? Or love to watch butterflies flitting about flowers? This doesn’t have to just be a hobby – you just may have a career as an entomologist in your future! Spend a morning with us on March 13 learning about bugs (especially bees!) and how to pursue the fun career pathways that are totally buggy! Learn about Beehives And Bug Collections here.

City Salamander Stroll, Presented by The Amphibian Foundation

Come on out to Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur on March 17 and witness wildlife with regional experts from The Amphibian Foundation. Become ‘citizen scientists’ and perform an amphibian ‘bioblitz’ inventory of the preserve documenting salamanders and frogs in one of the last strongholds for amphibians inside of the perimeter! Everyone and their family are encouraged to attend and bring your cell phones to upload images of what we find to iNaturalist. Learn about City Salamander Stroll here.

Bio-Bus: Animal Diversity, Presented by GSU Bio-Bus

Are humans more closely related to bears or beetles? Join the Georgia State University Bio-Bus on March 15 as a junior taxonomist to explore the animal kingdom from sponges and corals to bugs, octopuses, and mammals! You’ll use diverse animals’ DNA sequences to create an animal “family tree.” This event is best suited for children 5-10 years old and their families. Learn more about Bio-Bus: Animal Diversity here.


So you want to learn about… CULINARY SCIENCE

Craving a fusion of science and food? #ATLSciFest 2018 is jam-packed with events related to culinary science. Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee with Taproom Coffee, the science of sour beer with Monday Night Brewing, how to cook with insects, and much more. Read below to find the perfect culinary science event for you and your family!

Taste of Science, presented by Georgia Institute of Technology

Check out our “Taste of Science” signature event at Georgia Tech’s campus on March 10 from 12-4 PM. This event will feature live demonstrations, food samples, and fascinating facts that tie science, culture, and food together. The “Taste of Science” event is sure to satisfy your appetite for learning! Purchase your tickets to Taste of Science here.

Breaking Down The Bean, presented by Taproom Coffee

Break down the bean at Taproom Coffee on March 14 from 7-9PM and learn what it takes to create the perfect cup of coffee! Join us for a hands-on demonstration as we explore how time, temperature, grind coarseness, and proportion all affect what’s in your cup — and learn how to harness these variables in your own kitchen! Get your tickets to Breaking Down The Bean here.

Exploring Edible Insects, presented by Little Shop of Stories

Curious about broadening your palette? Join us for a special storytime and some buggy treats at Little Shop of Stories on March 18 from 3-4 PM! American culture embraces lobster and shrimp, but people in other parts of the world dine on these arthropod’s landbased cousins too. Insects are delicious and nutritious staples, yet an outdated taboo makes us squirm at the thought of crunching cricket tacos or slurping silkworm soup. Cooking with these new textures and flavors can be fun and beneficial to local and global health. Parents, this is not a drop off event. We request parent accompaniment. Reserve your seats to Exploring Edible Insects here.

From Orchard to Barrel: The Science of Sour Beers, Presented by Shades of Green Permaculture and Monday Night Brewing

Join us at Monday Night Garage on March 18 from 1-3 PM to learn about the science of sour beers! At The Garage, brewmasters worked with Shades of Green Permaculture to design an organic orchard that will produce wild yeast that will be passively harvested to make beers on-site that reflect the unique flavors of plants and fruits in the outdoor space. Tickets to From Orchard to Barrel will go quickly so get yours today.

Kids Day on The Farm, presented by Georgia Organics and Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens

Come visit a real-life science lab—an organic farm on March 18 from 12-5 PM! This scavenger hunt will allow you to explore the science of a real farm right inside the city. Come prepared to romp on this food farm and get your hands a little dirty. Bonus: We’ll have a tasting activity with a local chef. Click here to purchase your tickets and learn more about parking information. Tickets are only available online for Kids Day on The Farm.

Breakfast Lab, presented by UGA Extension

Think you can only do science in a lab? Not true! Join us as we step into the kitchen and explore the science behind your breakfast at Dekalb County Extension Office Auditorium from 10-11:30 AM on March 10. We’ll be experimenting with ingredients to see what makes the fluffiest pancake, finding the effects of temperature on butter making, and more! Get your tickets to Breakfast Lab here.

Canning For Kids, presented by UGA Extension

How do we keep food from spoiling? How do we keep germs out of our food? Food scientists spend their time figuring out the best answers to questions like this. Join Canning for Kids on March 18 at Atlanta History Center from 4-7 PM to learn the science behind food safety and preservation while kids prepare their own strawberry freezer jam to take home! Through this hands-on experience, we’ll teach children — and parents — how easy preserving food can be. It will be JAM-packed with fun. Register for Canning For Kids here.

Ice Cream Science, presented by High Road Craft Ice Cream

Unfortunately, this event at High Road Craft Ice Cream sold out within hours of us posting our 2018 programming. Be sure to mark your calendars for 2019 and register early next year for this tasty event in order to ensure your spot. You can learn more about Ice Cream Science here.

The Atlanta Science Festival Announces 2018 Programming and Launch Event

Place your seat backs and tray tables in their upright positions. The Atlanta Science Festival soars to new heights in 2018 with its presenting sponsor, Delta Air Lines. Atlanta Science Festival representatives have now unveiled the schedule for this annual scientific celebration, taking place March 9-24, 2018.

“Sharing the magic of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the community is more important than ever,” said Jordan Rose, executive co-director of Atlanta Science Festival. “Our goal is to do this in fun, compelling, and accessible ways. With Atlanta being a global leader in scientific innovation, our city is the perfect backdrop.”

The Atlanta Science Festival begins with its signature launch event at the Ferst Center for the Performing Arts at Georgia Tech. This time humans should prepare to bow down to the ’bots on March 9. “Rise Up, Robots!” puts the spotlight on droid comedian, a robotic musician, bionics in action, and a squad of interactive robots. ($15 plus fees)

The featured “Rise Up, Robots!” speakers include:

Heather Knight

Assistant Professor of Robotics at Oregon State University

Perhaps best known for her popular TED appearance, Knight brings Data, the world’s first robotic

jokester, to the “Rise Up, Robots!” stage. Knight will explain how she injects charisma into her creation, and give a live demonstration of Data’s interactive quips. Among her accolades, Knight has graced the cover of Wired UK magazine and was named to the 2011 Forbes List for 30 under 30 in Science. Her current research involves human-robot interaction, non-verbal machine communications, and nonanthropomorphic social robots.

Gil Weinberg

Professor and Founding Director of Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

Yep, robots rock. Weinberg proves the point in the literal sense with Shimon, a marimba playing robotic musician. Shimon, seen on NBC’s “Today” show, uses machine learning for jazz improvisation, and Weinberg will show the “Rise Up, Robots!” audience how it’s done. Weinberg’s other projects include a prosthetic robotic arm, which restores and enhances human drumming abilities for amputees. He’s presented his work worldwide at venues such as The Kennedy Center and the Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and for the TED-Ed online lesson series. Weinberg’s research focuses on developing artificial creativity and musical expression for robots and augmented humans. Professor Weinberg’s appearance is supported in part by the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival.

Stewart Coulter

Engineering Manager at DEKA Research & Development

A prosthetic, bionic arm with a hand that can pinch, grip, and conform to the objects it holds? Sounds like science fiction, but it’s science fact. Just ask Coulter. The LUKE arm can do all of that and more. Coulter served as the project manager for the LUKE arm, which stands for Life Under Kinetic Evolution. At “Rise Up, Robots!,” Coulter will give a demonstration and provide live evidence of how it changed someone’s life.

After the “Rise Up, Robots!” launch event, the following two weeks will find guests of all ages exploring science and technology with more than 100 engaging events, ranging in cost from free to a nominal fee. These include hands-on activities, facility tours, presentations, and performances at a variety of locations throughout Metro Atlanta. Expect drones and robots, comics and comedy, farms and orchards, nature walks, ice cream tastings, art, trivia, curling, superheroes, beavers, newts, and bees. And that’s just the tip of the telescope.

The Atlanta Science Festival culminates in the Exploration Expo on March 24 at from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Atlanta’s biggest family science event. Thousands of curious kids and adults descend upon Piedmont Park to experience the wonder of science with 100 hands-on interactive science booths, live science demos, and shows from local organizations, universities, and companies. Attendees can experience everything from touching a human brain to driving an undersea robot.

“We’re excited to take the 2018 Festival into new and exciting territory, and blend it with our time-honored events and signature spirit,” said Meisa Salaita, executive co-director of Atlanta Science Festival. “Joining forces with Delta Air Lines gives us the ability to do it all.”

Start planning your Atlanta Science Festival experience today:

Delta Air Lines Takes Atlanta Science Festival to New Heights

We’ve got big news! Delta Air Lines is taking the Atlanta Science Festival to new heights. We are extremely proud to announce that Delta will be the presenting sponsor of the 2018 Atlanta Science Festival! With their support, thousands of curious minds will discover 100 events for kids and adults March 9-23, and connect at the Exploration Expo on March 24 at Piedmont Park! Be sure to stay tuned for the full festival schedule announcement coming later this month.

We are so excited to partner with Delta Air Lines to elevate science in Atlanta. Our region has so much to offer – from the myriad opportunities for STEM learning and careers to top-class research and innovations that improve our lives. With Delta’s support, we will broaden access to these opportunities for all members of our community.

Delta Air Lines has been a sponsor of the Atlanta Science Festival since its inception, and was, in fact, our very first corporate sponsor in 2014. Their leadership and support have helped the Festival to reach more than 150,000 curious adults and children over four years.