2020 Festival Event:

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Do you Have What it Takes to Be a HUMAN Crash-Test Dummy?

Cars take us to work, to school, to lots of places! Can you imagine a world without them? It’s not easy! And who do we have to thank for helping to make our cars safe? A crash-test dummy! Come join children's book author Jennifer Swanson for a FUN and interactive trip through the history of car safety engineering and find out if YOU have what it takes to become a HUMAN crash-test dummy!

Getting there: Little Shop of Stories is located in Decatur Square, right near the Decatur MARTA Station.

Street parking is available throughout downtown Decatur, all within a few blocks or closer to Little Shop of Stories. Note: since this event takes place on a Sunday, paid parking meters won't be necessary.

Presented by Peachtree Publishers, Jennifer Swanson Books, Little Shop of Stories

Topics: Engineering Irreverent Fun STEAM Technology
Audience: Families Elem. School Middle School


Little Shop of Stories

133A East Court Square

Decatur, 30030


Sunday, March 8th, 2020

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Price: Free

No registration necessary.