Rocking with Geology - cement sculpture

Rocking with Geology

Rocking with Geology - cement sculpture

Rocks rock! This slew of events will answer all your questions about geology. We’ll learn about the rocks that make up our nearby mountains, rocks that our city buildings are made out of, and even rocks in outer space. Come rock with us at the Atlanta Science Festival, taking place March 9-23.

Cemeteries Rock! A Geology Walk at Oakland Cemetery | March 9th 11:00 AM

Presented by Historic Oakland Foundation

Cemeteries are more than just resting places for the dead. They are excellent places to study local geology! Join us for a special walking tour of Oakland Cemetery where we explore Georgia Geology by studying the unique headstones throughout the grounds.

This event repeats on March 21st at 4:00 PM.

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Rock n’ Walk | March 9th 1:00 PM

Presented by GSU Geosciences, Stone Mountain Memorial Association

Millions of years ago, a massive magma chamber cooled below the ground just outside of what is now Atlanta, never erupting through to the surface. Today, we call it Stone Mountain. Join folks from Georgia State University Geosciences on a hike to explore this unique granite dome, learning about the rock and what makes this spot in Atlanta so special including indigenous stories and cultural connections. You’ll also be able to ‘walk’ a Giant Traveling Map of Georgia, explore rock and mineral specimens, ‘track’ dinosaurs, and identify fossils like a paleontologist!

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Exploring the Dazzling World of Gems and Minerals | March 13th, times vary

Presented by Department of Life and Earth Science of Perimeter College, Georgia State University

Prepare for a dazzling gemological journey that’s perfect for kids and families. Engage in hands-on experiments making gems and crystals glow in the dark, or run away from a magnet, or split light into different colors or move images to strange locations. You will work with beautiful crystals and vibrant gemstones. Ignite your curiosity and leave with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and science of these precious natural wonders. Get ready to unearth the magic of gems and minerals!

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Roadside Geology | March 14th 1:00 PM

Presented by Georgia Mineral Society,

Tag along with two geologist-educators to see the beautiful building stones and folded natural rock layers of Midtown Atlanta, on a tour from Symphony Hall to Rhodes Hall. Dr. Bill Witherspoon, co-author of Roadside Geology of Georgia, teams up with highly sought guest speaker from Georgia Mineral Society (GMS), Bill Waggener, to interpret the stories that rocks tell. GMS grab bag is included with admission price.

This event repeats on March 17th at 2:00 PM.

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Stars, Space Rocks, and Other Out of this World Awesomeness | March 15th 7:00 PM

Presented by GSU Perimeter College

Join us for an evening of star gazing in our observatory and get a unique chance to explore objects from outer space! We’ll have meteorite samples and space stuff for you to get a close look at under microscopes. Come on out for a space-tacular time!

No registration necessary.

Nature Navigators: Arabia Mountain | March 16th 10:00 AM

Presented by Science ATL  

It’s a special edition Nature Navigators – for ASF! We’re headed out to one of Atlanta’s most unique habitats: Arabia Mountain. A perfect place to explore the rich history and ecology that Atlanta has to offer; from the history of the quarry to the unique specimen that call the mountain home, like the iconic red elf orpine! Expect a slow saunter through the woods with stops for observation and exploration.

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