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So you want to learn about… TECHNOLOGY

Tech out at #ATLSciFest 2018! Join us and experience the robotic revolution, explore the depth of the world wide web, watch a drone competition unfold, and much more. Plan your festival experience today by reading our recent blog that lists all of our events covering technology. Rise Up, Robots!,…
Science in Art

So you want to learn about... ART IN SCIENCE & SCIENCE IN ART

Do you want to learn how science influences art? Start planning your #ATLSciFest 2018 experience and explore our #STEAM events March 9-24! Explore the Voyager's Golden Record through modern dance, witness acclaimed drummer Deantoni Parks, meet Beatrice the Biologist, hear scientists tell their…
Animal Science

So you want to learn about… ANIMAL SCIENCE

Do you want to learn more about the natural world? Start planning your #ATLSciFest 2018 experience and explore our animal science events. Learn about wetland beavers in Buckhead, trek Zoo Atlanta, get a behind the scenes look at The Amphibian Foundation, board the Bio-Bus at Georgia State University,…
Culinary Science

So you want to learn about... CULINARY SCIENCE

Craving a fusion of science and food? #ATLSciFest 2018 is jam-packed with events related to culinary science. Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee with Taproom Coffee, the science of sour beer with Monday Night Brewing, how to cook with insects, and much more. Read below to find the perfect culinary…
Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival Announces 2018 Programming and Launch Event

Place your seat backs and tray tables in their upright positions. The Atlanta Science Festival soars to new heights in 2018 with its presenting sponsor, Delta Air Lines. Atlanta Science Festival representatives have now unveiled the schedule for this annual scientific celebration, taking place March…