Holobiome -- Film Screening and Interactive Discussion on Humans, Microbes, and the Future of Infectious Disease

Presented by Emory University Center for the Study of Human Health, Small-r Films, and Novo Nordisk Foundation

What if you found out that, on a cellular level, you, your body at least, is more microbial than human… way more! And what if it wasn’t just your body that is more microbial than it seems, but that almost everything, all life on earth, is made possible by microbes? The concept of the Holobiome captures this reality and also beckons us to reconsider our understanding of health and infectious disease, along with our relationship to the microbial world. This event features two innovative short films that explore this emergent, holobiome, understanding of life and health as well as a panel of experts to answer and help audience members navigate the questions raised by these films.

Film 1 (20min) is a documentary featuring the harrowing tale of a young woman and her mother confronting what happens when the human immune system becomes compromised and the drugs stop working.

Film 2 (18min) is a sci-fi / documentary hybrid explores the future past of biotechnology and the need for innovation and more innovative thinking in our relationship with infectious diseases and the microbial world.

Expert panelists include:
Maryn McKenna (moderator) - author and science journalist
Cassandra Quave, PhD - medical ethnobotanist, Emory University
Michael Graziano - the filmmaker
CDR Alison Laufer Halpin, PhD - genomic epidemiologist, CDC
Bradley Burnam - survivor & CEO, Turn Therapeutics
Dr. Carlos del Rio, MD, FIDSA

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Getting There

Parking Info

Free visitor parking is available on the weekends and the closest is the Peavine visitor lot located at 27 Eagle Row, Atlanta, GA 30322. From this open air lot, walk right along Eagle Row, and take your second left up Downman drive. You will pass the Atwood chemistry center on your left and at the top of the hill on the left will be White Hall.

Date and Time

Saturday, March 9th, 2024
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Indoor Event

Emory University Goodrich C. White Hall Room 208
301 Dowman Dr
Atlanta, GA 30322


Adults, High School


Price: K-12 & University Students FREE; Adults/Non-students $5


Health, Life Sciences, Science & Society