Returning March 2018

Visit a Classroom

lookabutterfly.jpgWhat are the unanswered questions in science? What are the unsolved problems facing our community? How can our young people envision themselves addressing the challenges of our future through enhanced STEM literacy and through local STEM careers?

To give students a real sense for how science is done, who scientists are, and what questions remain unanswered, local STEM professionals will visit metro area classrooms to share their stories. STEM professionals include researchers, technicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone whose career involves the application of STEM learning. The classroom visits, to take place in March 2018, will inspire students to imagine themselves shaping the future as the STEM-literate professionals of tomorrow.


STEM Professionals: Registration will open in fall 2017 for school visits. Check back! Please view our Frequently Asked Questions for information on what to expect. See our Speaker Guide for additional information including what to do before/during/after your visit, helpful tips, and a sample lesson outline.

Teachers: We have not yet open our portal for teachers to register for a March visit. Check back in fall 2017. For more info, please view our Frequently Asked Questions, and review the Teacher Guide for additional information including what to do before/during/after the visit, and helpful tips. We will do our best to fill the first 100 requests, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to match every request.