March 14 - 25, 2017

  • Join us to launch the 2017 Atlanta Science Festival with astronaut Captain Mark Kelly. He's spent more than 50 days in space, and now he's spending an evening with us! Captain Kelly will share with us what it's like to leave planet Earth and his insider perspective on the groundbreaking yearlong NASA experiment with his twin brother on how space affects the human body.
  • On the final day of the Festival, join 20,000 curious people for an afternoon of interactive exhibits, mind blowing demos and science-themed performances for all ages. See you at Centennial Olympic Park on March 25, 2017.
  • Come be an ecological explorer as we dig deep into the wonderful web of food and compost! We'll learn about critters that help compost and techniques to make your own backyard bin. Kids will have the chance to get their hands dirty and learn a few songs, too! This event is an open event with drop in any time, so check back for a more detailed schedule of the afternoon's activities. Also, explore the farm on a self guided tour while you are here!
  • Flesh-eating beetles can rapidly strip down a carcass leaving only the bare bones. Not only is that really cool, but it makes these beetles a valuable tool for science and scientific illustrators. Come and learn about the special set of tools of the scientific illustrator and try your hand at illustration.
  • A killer has swept through the streets of London; hundreds are dead! Would you believe that an accomplice to this terrible crime is something you use everyday? Through a series of clues, you'll get to solve a mystery to discover that water can also produce negative effects for people. You will get to learn about investigative methods used by epidemiologists to trace the source of contagious diseases and discuss the issue of global access to clean water.

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Calling all outdoor lovers and tree-huggers! #ATLSciFest 2017 is jam packed with events related to environmental science. Learn about climate change, urban ecology, the history of Stone Mountain and much more.

Does the thought of the expansive cosmos give you goosebumps? Could you spend hours watching clips of Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about the stars? If you’re into space and want to learn more, the 2017 Atlanta Science Festival has you covered.

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