2019 Festival Event:

Exploring the Nanoscale

Learn what makes the nanoscale special and how it’s led to improvements in everyday products. Join Georgia Tech scientists and engineers in hands-on activities exploring the nanoscale. What is nano about a lotus leaf and how do we use this effect? How can clear nail polish be colorful? What is a smart material? What do objects look like under a scanning electron microscope (SEM)? Bring a sample to scan (not wet, and less than an inch in diameter, please) with our tabletop SEM.
Parking is available in Visitors Area 4 (State Street and Ferst Drive) and 5 (North Campus Parking Deck) on the Georgia Tech campus. See more info here.

Presented by Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology; Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor

Topics: Chemistry Engineering Technology Physics
Audience: Families (kids & adults together) Teens (13-18 yrs) Children (5-12 yrs)


Marcus Nanotechnology Building Atrium

345 Ferst Drive

Atlanta, 30332


Saturday, March 16th, 2019

10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Price: Free

No registration necessary.