March 9-24, 2018

October 2016 Newsletter



Introducing a New Blog Series:
The Awesome Science of Everyday Life!

Every other month we will be collaborating with local organizations and scientists to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the science behind everyday life. For our first installment, we're learning about the science behind an effervescent amber elixir that is near and dear to many of our!

The Science Behind Beer: Orpheus Brewery & Georgia State University



Have you ever wondered what gives beer its complex, distinct taste? What makes a Budweiser taste different from a locally-brewed IPA? Or a stout taste different from a pale ale? The science behind beer is fascinating and intricate, so we turned to Georgia State University microbiologist Dr. Chris Cornelison and Orpheus Brewery founder Jason Pellett to break it down for us. Learn more about the microbiology behind beer and get a behind the scenes look at Orpheus Brewery here!



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