March 9-24, 2018

November 2016 Newsletter





Have you ever wondered why you need a new flu shot every year, questioned how effective the flu vaccine really is, or thought about how vaccines are made? 

We will be asking these questions and more at our upcoming Twitter chat on Nov. 30 with Dr. Lisa Grohskopf, Medical Officer with the CDC's Influenza Division. Be sure to follow @ATLSciFest for all the official questions and @CDCFlu for Dr. Grohskopf's answers! Follow along or chime in with your own questions by using #ATLSciChat.


Connecting Today's STEM Professionals with Tomorrow's STEM Leaders

We're looking for STEM professionals to visit K-12 classrooms this spring as part of Atlanta Science Festival's Imagining the Future program. To highlight the impact of this initiative, we spoke with Katie Godfrey, an engineer at The Clorox Company, about her experiences in the program last year. Godfrey was one of 10 Clorox employees to participate, visiting several classrooms ranging from elementary school age to early teens. Read more and find out how to register...




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