March 9-24, 2018

2015 Middle School WEBChallenge

WEBChallenge graphic

The Atlanta Science Festival is proud to partner with HowStuffWorks and the Technology Association of Georgia - Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed), on a middle school competition designed to engage students in the latest technology with hands-on design experience. Students develop websites based on a pre-determined theme, which are then judged on different aspects of site design.

The 2015 TAG­‐Ed WEBChallenge theme is: How Stuff Will Work! Our future will be shaped largely by advances in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This contest strategically utilizes technology to address the ways that our world will change drastically in the next twenty to thirty years. How will technology be different? What will our cars and homes look like? How will we communicate? What new issues will affect our health, environment and quality of life? This year’s Middle School WEBChallenge invites students to design a website that identifies the challenges our community will face in the future, and how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can be used to address those challenges.

Participation is open to all Georgia middle school students in grades 6-8. Teams will consist of 2-4 students with one school approved adult advisor or school faculty member. School organizations, private schools, and home schools are also eligible to register. Teams must register and submit their website by February 16, 2015.


Each winning team member will receive partial post-secondary scholarships. Faculty advisors paired with the winning teams will receive one stipend toward their classroom supply budget. The winning team also will receive the opportunity to record a podcast about their How Stuff Will Work presentation at the HowStuffWorks Atlanta studios. HowStuffWorks will record, edit and release the file to the winning team. The podcast recording is subject to studio availability and must occur within six months after the close of the 2015 Atlanta Science Festival.


  1. 1. Download the program guide for additional details, rules, and judging criteria.
  2. 2. Register your team!
  3. 3. Submit your website to by noon (EST) February 16, 2015.