March 9-24, 2018

Sciku Winners

Now accepting entries!

Congratulations to all of our 2016 Sciku contest winners....

Week #14 Winner:

Wonder if Sagan
Would call Neil deGrasse Tyson
Premium star stuff.

- Jessica Gale, age 34


Week #13 Winner:

it is full of dark
but also full of great light
empty but full, space

- Zach Vogel, age 12


Week #12 Winner:

A dissertation:
Experiment --> Fail --> Redo.
That's why it's RE-search.

- Caitlin Ishibashi, age 25


Week #11 Winner:

search, discovery
dark room, screen lit, where are we?

- Blane Legant, age 22


Week #10 Winner:

the stuff dreams are made of.
Just a thought I had.

- Marc Merlin, age 61


Week #9 Winner:

All the stars align
Who knew burning balls of gas
Could be beautiful?

- Amanda Merrill, age 15


Week #8 Winner:

Extol the Season!
Phenol red and Nickel green
Trim my Chemistree!

- Dylan Mossor, age 16


Week #7 Winner:

The valve is turned on
Flint strikes across the metal
Flame engulfs the glass.

- Marshall Lynch, age 16


Week #6 Winner:

Gazing at the stars,
A slight glint catches my eye,
It glides through the sky.

- Eliza Anderson, age 16


Week #5 Winner:

A Ratio compares
One number to another,
Forming a Fraction!

- Logan Mossor, age 13


Week #4 Winner:

every molecule
of my existence is fed
yet I want more pie.

- Erica Gerald Mason, age 44


Week #3 Winner:

If you ask me why
I can divide sin by tan,
I would say just cos.

- Shira Glabman, age 26


Week #2 Winner:

A cat in a box
Maybe alive, maybe not
Without looking, both!

- Brian Kammer, age 46


Week #1 Winner:

Let's all sit down at
The Periodic Table
And eat elements!

- Karac Schaefer, age 11


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