March 9-24, 2018

Event Details

Unveiling the Internet
Thursday, March 23, 2017 -
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Math and Science Building, Emory University (400 Dowman Drive Atlanta GA 30322)
Presenting Partner(s):
Emory University
  • Teens (age 13-18)
  • Science & Society
  • Technology
Purchase Ticket(s):
Free (Advanced registration required)

This interactive event will take us to the heart of how the internet works. How exactly does YouTube show you videos so quickly? What are BitCoins and how do you get one? How does information move from one computer to another? We will answer these questions and more as we tinker with code, rotating through different stations doing everything from seeing how your Snapchat snaps move through space to learning how to hack a bank [simulated, of course].
This event will take place in Computer Lab Room E308A. Parking is available in the Peavine Visitor Lot (free) and the Oxford Road Parking Deck (paid). This event repeats at 7:45pm.
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