ASF_Logo_Stacked_White.png       March 15 - 25, 2017

Imagining the Future: STEM Professional Registration

Thank you for your registering for the Imagining the Future classroom visits program. Please review program expectations in our FAQs prior to completing this form. We will all be more satisfied with the process and outcome if you understand what to expect. We look forward to matching you with a classroom that fits your preferred parameters for a classroom visit in March 2016. You will be notified of classroom match information in December 2015. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Sarah Fankhauser at

We will mail you surveys to collect from students and mail back to us in pre-paid envelopes.
Please describe the topics you will cover, methods you will use, demos or hands-on activities that might be included, special materials/equipment you will bring, etc.
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Indicate which format(s) you are willing to present (check all that apply).
Indicate the number of schools you are willing to visit during March as part of this program.
We'd like you to have a complimentary exclusive Festival volunteer tshirt, as a way of expressing our appreciation for your volunteerism. Please indicate your preferred size.
ASF is considering developing a scientists-adopt-a-school initiative. To help in our planning, would you be interested in forming a longer-term partnership with your matched school beyond the scope of a one-time visit? Note: your response does not commit you to anything at this time.