March 9-24, 2018

Photo Challenge

ASF’s curious astronaut, ALEX (Atlanta’s Lead EXplorer), is back on planet Earth and needs your help exploring the Atlanta science community! Each month, we will provide a different photo challenge and ask our followers to take a picture of ALEX in a place that fulfills the challenge. The prize? An awesome Atlanta Science Festival t-shirt and beaker coffee mug!

  1. Start by downloading the printable cut-out of ALEX below.
                   ALEX cutout
  2. Take your ALEX cut-out to an Atlanta-area location that fulfills the challenge and snap a picture. There’s not one right answer, so think outside of the box and have fun!
  3. Post your image and a 1-2 sentence explanation of where ALEX has traveled as a comment on our pinned Facebook post.
  4. Winners will be selected based on creativity and announced on the last day of the month. Winners get an Atlanta Science Festival t-shirt and beaker mug.

New challenges will be posted here and on our Facebook page on the first day of each month. We can’t wait to see where you’ll explore!

DECEMBER CHALLENGE: Take ALEX somewhere you can learn about science.

ALEX at the Decatur Library

To kick off this challenge, ALEX is visiting the DeKalb County Public Library where there are tons of fun and helpful resources for every kind of explorer. Where will you take ALEX this month?​


NOVEMBER CHALLENGE: Take ALEX somewhere magnets are used.

To kick off this challenge, ALEX is at a desk where magnets are used inside the computer's hard drive! The hard drive is made up of metal plates and the tiny areas on these plates can be made magnetic or nonmagnetic, creating a code that the computer uses to turn into data such as pictures, sounds, and video. Where will you take ALEX on her magnetic mission?


OCTOBER CHALLENGE: Take ALEX somewhere you can taste science.

To kick off this challenge, ALEX is helping us make a homemade apple pie! To make the perfect pie crust, bakers must master a balanced ratio of flour, fats, and water. Timers and thermometers are a must! Where will you take ALEX on her next flavorful adventure?

ALEX bakes an applie pie


SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE: Take ALEX somewhere science and art meet.

Congratulations to Christine Vanover, winner of our September Photo Challenge to bring our mascot ALEX to a place where science and art meet! Christine took ALEX to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta, where this SWARM wall art depicts bacteria.

To kick off the first challenge, ASF took our tiny ALEX to the Parsons Conservation Laboratory in the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. Conservators of this museum use knowledge and skills from both the arts and sciences to preserve historic artifacts. 

ALEX visits a Hittite house cs. 1680-1450 BCE
ALEX is standing beside a Hittite Model House made out of ceramic, ca. 1680-1450 BCE. Its fragments have been cleaned, realigned, and adhered in preparation for future display. 

Above the model house, are fume extraction trunks to remove harmful vapors from chemicals that might be needed to accomplish a treatment. On the wall beyond are jars of pigments, magnifying glasses, and a clock with elements from the periodic table in place of numbers!

ALEX peers into a stereobinocular microscope

ALEX is using a stereobinocular microscope to examine the corrosion on a copper alloy Tumi (knife) from the Chimu culture (1000-1470 CE).

knife ca. 1000-1470 CE

Although some corrosion is harmful and unsightly, these formations actually preserve traces of the textile that wrapped the knife in burial.